Being a member of the Rotaract Club of Brisbane Rivercity is more than just about getting together once a fortnight to discuss club business. When you join our club, you’re joining a group of like-minded young professionals who want to make a difference in the world. You’re joining a band of people who want to not only better themselves professionally, but also personally, and you’re joining an organisation with more than 50 years of partnership with one of the worlds largest global networks, Rotary International.

Before you become a member, we invite you to come along to a few meetings to get the feel for what we’re all about. There are a number of Rotaract clubs in the local area, and we encourage you to trial a few different clubs before committing to membership. We believe that this ensures you find the club with the best culture, events and vocational opportunities for you.

So, if you’re still interested, what are you waiting for? Get in contact with us today and we’ll be waiting to greet you at our next meeting!


Board Members

The work the Rotaract Club of Brisbane Rivercity achieves in the community would not be possible without the club members who are elected into board positions each year. The board position descriptions and members fulfilling the role for the 2019/2020 financial year are:


Dean Heckscher


The President is responsible for leading the club and ensuring it is functioning effectively. This includes directing the club to implement successful projects that address the needs of their community and other communities around the world, develop the leadership and professional skills of members and work with club members and other clubs to enhance Rotaract as a whole. The President presides over all meetings of the Club and the Board of Directors and is committed to full attendance at events and volunteering opportunities throughout the year. A Rotaract President has the unique opportunity to regularly represent their club at Rotary meetings and is always willing to defend and represent the Club and it’s members. The President is also responsible for the coordination of club elections and inducting new members into the club.


Róisín O'Neill

Immediate Past-President

The Past President remains on the board of directors as an advisory position. They give guidance and answer questions that arise throughout the year, that the past president may have experience with. This position ensures that the experience and knowledge gained during the past financial year is not lost and that there is always one remaining board member. This is the only position for the current financial year which is not elected, and is automatically awarded to the previous president.


Laura Barber

Vice President

The Vice President works closely with the President during their term and is able and willing to fulfil presidential responsibilities in the absence of the President. The Vice President is responsible for managing club merchandise and order records. In the absence of the President, the Vice President is also required to preside over club meetings, board meetings and attend required Rotary meetings in place of the President.


Brenton Cuthbert


The Secretary’s role is to serve as a central hub for communication, reporting, compliance and record keeping. Through the Secretary’s management of key information about the administration of the club, all members are well informed of decisions and activities within the club. The Secretary is regularly responsible for minute taking at all meetings and agenda and minutes distribution to club members. The Secretary also oversees the activity of the email account and alerts board members to relevant content, as well as maintaining accurate club records including meeting attendance and membership records.


Crispin Scott


The Treasurer manages the financial affairs of the club. In this role, the Treasurer holds all financial records and conducts all financial transactions. Money is vital for all areas of the club, particularly in regards to the club’s philanthropic activities. When the funds are kept safe, properly accounted for and accessible the club can confidently conduct its activities. The Treasurer is also responsible for providing the club board with monthly financial updates as well as an end of year financial report to all club members. The Treasurer ensures the club’s bank account has the appropriate nominated signatories and that all club members have paid their membership fees.


Nish Bandara

Vocation & Meeting Director

The Vocation and Meeting Director provides club members with opportunities for personal and professional development conducive to the core values of Rotary International. Through appropriate assessment of the needs and interests of club members, the Vocation and Meeting Director ensures appropriate guest speakers present at club meetings. They also ensure that meeting content is working towards developing the soft and hard skills of members enhancing their ability to influence, motivate and lead their communities in service to ensure that Rotary’s profile as the world’s premier service organisation is retained.  The Vocation and Meeting Director is also responsible for coordinating the Quarterly Club Newsletter and the organisation of the club’s annual Professional Development Workshops and Evening.


Rosie Starr

Events DIrector

The Events Coordinator organises the club’s larger events which engage club members in raising funds for local and international projects that contribute to positive social change and fulfil the broader goals of Rotary International. The Coordinator is the face of the club when promoting and running events, projects, or drives and when working alongside fellow Rotaractors, Rotarians, and professionals within community service organisations. This role also involves advertising and promotion of club events, as well as liaising with sponsors and community stakeholders involved in club events. The Events Coordinator is also responsible for running the Changeover from the previous year, and then organising and handing over the Changeover event for the preceding year.


Lachy Murray

Social & Service DIrector

The Service and Social Director’s role is to engage club members in local and international projects that contribute to positive social change and fulfil the broader goals of Rotary International. To assist members in developing an understanding of how to better understand and accept people around us, and become positive contributing members of society. Volunteering and community service projects organised by the Service and Social Director are always in line with club goals and interests depicted at the beginning of the financial year through club surveys. As well as this, the Service and Social Director will engage club members in better understanding each other and their strengths through a variety of social activities and challenges.