The Second Coming

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to the Rivercity Monthly. After a brief hiatus, all your articles, banter and fun facts are back to keep you entertained, and ahead of the curve. As with any hiatus, big changes and new perspectives come aplenty, and that’s what this edition will be all about, making sure you’re ready when that big chance comes your way.  

As always, this newsletter aims to point out online resources to help with motivation, goal-setting, and all things related, with a few cheeky extras thrown into the mix. This edition will focus on the big decisions that we come across, both in our personal and professional lives, and how we can make those decisions easily.  

Decisions, decisions

As much as we don’t like it, life essentially comes down to what decisions we make and what actions we take. No matter how small a decision seems, it can have a lasting impact on your day, and even your entire life. A good example of this is your decision to read this newsletter, and how it can change your life through fantastically written articles and the excellent banter that never fails to brighten your day.

But when it comes to making the big decisions, such as a career change, a lifestyle change or a change of scenery, some of us become paralysed. The fear of failure, and the fear of the unknown, come out to wreak havoc when it comes to making big, life-changing decisions, and can often get in the way, or even make us miss, these chances. 

So how can we change our mindset to be more open, or at least ready, to new experiences and big changes? Kate Fritz’s talk explains how new experiences, even ones that scare you, are beneficial to your lifestyle and your mindset. Tuk’s study looks at how seemingly normal functions can influence our decision making ability, and Nararyan’s perspective can help put those decisions in a different light.

Kate Fritz – The Value of doing Something that Scares You

Nirjam Tuk’s study – Full Bladder, Better Decisions?

Lux NararyanWhat I Learned from 2000 Obituaries

Plans Vs Impulse

So you’ve come to a big decision, and you have to make a choice. But how do you do that? Do you sit down and plan it, or do you act on impulse? Wallach’s speech looks at planning for the long term, but Dishman’s article points out the importance of our “gut-feeling”. Or maybe something different is the best option, as explored in Barker’s article. Regardless, big decisions don’t have to be so scary, no matter your planning preferences.

Ari Wallach – 3 Way to Plan for the (Very) Long Term

Lydia Dishman – Scientific Proof that your Gut is Best at Making Decisions

Eric Barker – How Poor Planning and Being Impulsive can Lead to Big Wins in Life

Quick-fire Links

Quick-fire Links are here to provide some quick reads and tips. Some will build upon the main articles, while others will be a bit of fun or improve general skills and knowledge.

Jennifer Beach – Why You Shouldn’t Suppress Yourself in the Face of Temptation

Jenny Marchal – How to Tell Stories about Yourself to Show You’re the Best Fit for the Job

Melissa Dahl – Why Can’t You Smell Your Own Home?

BLT of the Month

Welcome to BLT of the Month, where I review and recommend the classic BLT sandwich from cafes around Brisbane and beyond. Our next BLT comes from John J Feehan Pub in Cashel, Ireland. It’s good to see the classic BLT crosses borders and hemispheres without problem, as this BLT was a welcome feed for a traveler. Traditional as the pub it’s served in, you really can’t fault this sandwich. Combined with a cheeky Irish beverage, you really can’t get much better than that.

Fun Fact of the Month

Cookie Monster’s real name is Sid.