Your Early Christmas Present

Welcome to the last edition of the Rivercity Monthly for 2016! What an absolute cracker of a year this has been, with nine editions of goodies, banter and top-notch resources no doubt helping it to be your best year yet. And if it hasn’t, at least this edition will help you forget about 2016 for another ten minutes.  

As always, this newsletter aims to point out online resources to help with motivation, goal-setting, and all things related, with a few cheeky extras thrown into the mix. This edition will focus on the benefits and science behind taking a break, and how your productivity and outlook on life can be affected. Because who doesn’t love a good excuse to take a nap?  

Treat Yo Self

Often, it can feel that we’re too busy to take a break. Many of us simply enjoy being kept busy, and we don’t know how to effectively cut ourselves off from our commitments in order to properly relax. But studies have found that breaks, whether they’re five minutes or five months, can help your productivity, as well as alter your attitude when it comes to getting back down to business.

As Courtney Seiter’s article explains, our brain simply isn’t cut out to concentrate on one task for extended periods of time. Rick Nauert’s article builds upon this, explaining what is known as “vigilance decrement”, or how constant stimulation, or concentration, can be deemed unimportant by the brain. So while this isn’t a free pass to browse memes in front of your boss (although they’d understand if you were reading the Rivercity Monthly), it is something to take on board if you have a big project coming up.


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Bye Felicia

So taking a sneaky break is shown to be beneficial, but what about vacations? Apart from a few photos for social media, what else can we get out of going on extended holidays? Not surprisingly, holidays help virtually every aspect of our bodies, improving mental stability and stress levels, in addition to lowering the risk of conditions such as heart disease. Not a bad deal if you ask me.  


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This is What 365 Days Without a Vacation Does to Your Health


Quick-fire Links

Quick-fire Links are here to provide some quick reads and tips. Some will build upon the main articles, while others will be a bit of fun or improve general skills and knowledge.

How Uber has Impacted the Business World

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BLT of the Month

Welcome to BLT of the Month, where I review and recommend the classic BLT sandwich from cafes around Brisbane. Our next BLT comes from the Jam Pantry in Greenslopes. This establishment makes the mighty BLT with a different take, switching out the standard toasted bread for a sweet burger bun to give patrons a new way to experience a classic. Not a bad change of pace for the lunchtime hero, so if you’re ever in the area, or just that keen for a BLT, I would recommend checking it out.

Fun Fact of the Month:

There are over 900 words in the English language that break the “I before E” rule, with only 44 words actually following the rule.

Until next time….