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Welcome back to the Rivercity Monthly, the Number One monthly newsletter to come out of Rivercity, probably. I hope the last month has been productive for you, but on the chance that it hasn’t, no drama, that’s where I come in. I’ll be the Robin to your Batman, minus the tights and backstory.  

As always, this newsletter aims to point out online resources to help with motivation, goal-setting, and all things related. This edition will focus on the increasing trend of freelance workers and entrepreneurs, and the importance of nurturing your own personal passion. Unless your passion is summoning demons, in which case I’d recommend the Devil Worshipping Club of Brisbane newsletter, which I’ve heard is excellent.

To the Batmobile.

Big Decisions

Deciding on a career is tough. In fact, apart from the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time, it’s probably the toughest thing to do. There are just so many options out there, and even when you do decide on what type of career you want, the question of how you get there introduces itself. Do you go through big business, or do you strike out on your own? Do you work for a paycheck or do you chase a passion? Do you try to conquer the Water Temple on your own, or do you use a walkthrough guide? Like I said, options.

It’s always been a dream of mine to own and run my own business. My dream has yet to evolve much, but I still have the dream. There’s just something about doing it all on your own, going by your own rules that attracts me, and apparently attracts many others too. According to Forbes Magazine, freelance work and entrepreneurial careers have increased dramatically over recent years, but as you can imagine, striking out on your own can be a bit tricky. But here are some articles which might get you thinking outside the box, or help you focus more on what you want to do with your time and career.

What You Need to Consider Before You Go Freelance: A Checklist

The Second Leap: How to Go from Lone Freelancer to Full-Fledged Entrepreneur

The Most Defensible Thing You Can Do for Your Career: Build an Audience

Not just a passion for fashion

Steve Jobs once said, “People with passion can change the world for the better”, and seeing as he himself changed the world, I’m inclined to believe him. Passion is a great thing; it can turn your day, even your life, around and can drive you to push yourself into new environments, lifestyles and mindsets. But balancing your passion with all the day-to-day commitments can be a struggle, especially when we’re sometimes pushed towards the safer, more financially stable lifestyle of those around us. But there’s nothing that says that we can’t have both.

If you have a spare half hour in your day, then you have a half hour to indulge your passion. It doesn’t have to be a passion, simply a Personal Project, which as Matt McCue will explain in the following article, can be some of the most rewarding moments of your life.

The 5 Types of Personal Projects (And How You Can Justify Pursuing Them)

Another article from Lifehack shows that we’ve always got a spare few minutes each day, and how we can better use them.

7 Ways You Can Make Time For Your Passion

Quick-fire Links

What’s that? A new segment? Champion. This segment will be based solely on links to articles and/or videos with the intention to provide some quick reads and tips. Some will build upon the main articles, while others will be a bit of fun or improve general skills and knowledge.

Idea Sex: How New Yorker Cartoonists Generate 500 Ideas a Week

The Incredible Work Ethic of Albert Einstein: Lessons on Creativity and Contribution

How to Whistle

Fun Fact of the Month:

There are 53 Lego bricks manufactured for each person in the world.