Back like LeBron

Hey everyone, and thank you for joining me for the next edition of the Rivercity Monthly, probable winner of ‘Best Rivercity Newsletter’, should an award exist. Winter is well and truly here, which means the motivation to get out of a warm bed has dropped as much as the temperature, but thankfully, as always, the Rivercity Monthly is packed full of motivational goodies to get you out of bed, regardless of the weather. Unless it’s snowing in Brisbane, in which case you can probably stay in bed. Don’t think many would argue with that.

As always, this newsletter aims to point out online resources to help with motivation, goal-setting, and all things related, with a few cheeky extras thrown into the mix. This edition will focus on time management and how to balance all aspects of your life without the hassle. Because you deserve to watch Game of Thrones guilt free.  

Onwards and upwards.

Timed to perfection

Finding the time to consistently keep on top of your commitments can be difficult, especially when you’re given extra tasks at work, you pick up another hobby or Netflix uploads more binge-watching material. “I haven’t got enough time” can almost become a knee-jerk reaction and excuse, and while you should by no means overstretch or burn yourself out, who wouldn’t love an extra five minutes?

Of course, it depends on why you want to manage your time better. Some people want to manage their time better to avoid rushing around, in which case Dustin Wax’s article about Reminders may prove handy. Others would prefer to be more time-conscious to spend more time on projects and people they care about, which both Anne Winterstein and Joe Mathews explore in their articles. And if you’re absolutely strapped for time, David Pogue’s TedTalk can help you save time while on your phone and computer.

Back to Basics: Reminders

The Right Way to be a Multitasker

How to Manage Time

10 Top Time Saving Tech Tips

To give a bit more background on time and time management, the article below explores and examines how the brain perceives time, and how a minute of running feels like an eternity while an hour of relaxing feels like a minute.

How the Brian Perceives Time

Take a Break

People often associate procrastination as something bad, and normally they’d be right. There’s not much that is more terrifying than a deadline closing in fast, but we all have that one friend that thrives off it, even actively seeks it out. But is procrastination really that bad? Is it really an issue if you take a longer break than you were should? Tim Urban and Tim Harford both explain how procrastinating and approaching issues from different, albeit long-winded, approaches may help achieve and improve on your current goals and projects.

How Frustration Can Make Us More Creative

Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator

Quick-fire Links

Quick-fire Links are here to provide some quick reads and tips. Some will build upon the main articles, while others will be a bit of fun or improve general skills and knowledge.

The Science Behind Being Hangry

How to Write Instantly

The difference between Extroverts and Introverts

Fun Fact of the Month:

Eating carrots to see better at night was a lie told by the British Airforce in WW2 to trick the Germans regarding how British air raids were so successful.