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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to the Rivercity Monthly, one of the few things more eagerly anticipated than a Frank Ocean album. After a brief break, your monthly dose of incredible banter and outstanding personal development resources has returned, and what a return it is, if I do say so myself.  

As always, this newsletter aims to point out online resources to help with motivation, goal-setting, and all things related, with a few cheeky extras thrown into the mix. This edition will focus on the multiple benefits of travel, as well as the many options that you have available. So grab a cuppa, put on some tunes and ignore all your responsibilities, this will be worth it.  

Onwards and upwards.

On a big jet plane

Travelling overseas to immerse yourself in different cultures is a life goal that practically everyone works towards, and yet it can be something that is continuously pushed back or put off, sometimes for years at a time. It’s understandable, there’s a lot to organise when it comes to visiting another country and putting your life back home on hold. But travelling is without a doubt one of the most worthwhile experiences you can have, as not only do you get to see what the world has to offer, but your Instagram and Snapchat game is upped tenfold. Oh and there are some psychological benefits as well.

A study by Julia Zimmermann and Frank Neyer found that travelling and living overseas influenced personality, effectively changing how people approach activities and social groups. Other studies have found that travelling makes us more creative, as we’re forced to think within new environments, which also influences us to compare this with our home environments. Mark Twain even stated that travel was “fatal to narrow-mindedness”, and who would want to argue with Mark Twain?

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Easy Rider

There’s no doubt that the number one problem when it comes to travel is the cost. There’s the flights, travel insurance, accommodation, exchange rates and hundreds of hidden costs that airlines and travel agencies somehow manage to sneak into your bill. Naturally, everyone wants a discount or ideally, everyone wants a free holiday, and with the resources below, you just may be able to travel around the world with little to no cost. That’s almost as good as getting this newsletter for free.

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Quick-fire Links

Quick-fire Links are here to provide some quick reads and tips. Some will build upon the main articles, while others will be a bit of fun or improve general skills and knowledge.

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