Damn Dean, back at it again...

Hello and welcome to the first edition of the Rivercity Monthly, an informative and witty newsletter delivered straight to your inbox at absolutely no charge! What a time to be alive. This will be a newsletter where I will point out to you some online resources that are more motivating than a DJ Khaled snapchat. ‘How is that even possible?’ you ask. Well, turns out there are more keys to success than Khaled led us to believe.

Basically what this newsletter will outline and include are online sites and resources that will help you achieve your goals in terms of Personal Development, whether that be nailing a public speech, crushing a ‘how-to’ guide, even world domination if that’s your thing. But this newsletter will (hopefully) also introduce you to areas, ideas and ways of thinking that will broaden your horizons and give you food-for-thought. So check out the links for videos and articles, and get ready to develop personally like you’ve never personally developed before.

To infinity and beyond. 


A good starting point

To start things off, take a look at a TED Talk by Tony Robbins as he explains what drives people to do what they do with what they have. It’s listed as one of the most popular talks, and with good reason.

You may recognise him as one of the foremost motivational speakers and self-help authors, or as that dude from Shallow Hal. No judgement either way. 

January and February are just trial months, right?

I’ve never believed in the whole New Years’ Resolution type thing. I think that if you want to change something enough, you won’t wait for a milestone like the start of the week, when you reach a certain age, or the beginning of the New Year. But I see the appeal. And despite not necessarily believing in resolutions, I found myself thinking, 2016 will be my year. But thankfully, everyone knows that January and February are basically trial months to set yourself up for the rest of the year. March and April are trial months too, just in case anyone is wondering. Trust me.

But in any case, getting started can obviously be a bit tricky. Other stuff gets in the way, TV shows start back up, Brisbane gets too hot and humid so you’ll start exercising when the weather is nicer, or that 15 minute break you gave yourself turned into a 15 hour break. It just happens.

But here are some helpful articles that may give you the boost to be more productive, and they’re quick reads, so it doesn’t even count as procrastination.





Editor’s Album of the Month:

The Life of Pablo – Kanye West

Not surprisingly, Kanye West’s latest album is this month’s pick. While, in my opinion, not as good as My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Yeezy has once again come up with the goods. While some of the subject matter is typical outspoken Kanye, the beats are nothing less than what you’d expect, and some songs will no doubt make their way into your Spotify playlist.


Fun Fact of the Month:

Banging your head against a wall burns 150 calories an hour.